Green fees for many of the golf courses in St Andrews and Fife are priced according to season.

For the 5 courses owned by St Andrews Links Trust, (The Old Course, New, Jubilee, Eden and Strathtyrum) green fees for the five 18 hole courses are priced according to the season: high, shoulder and low. For current fees for the 2007-08 season, look at www.standrews.org.uk

Many courses also have restrictions on when visitors can play, so advance booking is essential if not strongly advisable, on most.

A guide to Green Fees on all the other important courses in and around St Andrews is as follows:-

Green fees 2002
£35.00 for 18 or 36 holes Monday to Friday.
£40.00 for 18 or 36 holes Saturday Sunday

£125 - £135 per round/day
Leven Links £32.00 round £42.00 day; weekends £37.00 round £55.00 day.

Lundin Links
££35.00 per round £45.00 per day weekdays;
Saturdays after 2.30pm £45.00 per round. Limited Sunday golf at £45 per round.

Weekdays £45.00 per roun
£60.00 per day;
weekends £55.00 limited availability.

Rosemount Blairgowrie
April 2007 & October 2007
Rosemount Course - £40.00 per round.
Lansdowne Course - £30.00 per round.
Day Ticket - £60.00 per person - (1 round over Rosemount and 1 round over Lansdowne).
May 2007 to September 2007
Rosemount Course - £65.00 per round.
Lansdowne Course - £50.00 per round.

£55.00 per round,
£75.00 per day ticket.

Medal Course
£35 weekdays
£45 Saturday and Sunday.

Weekdays £47.00 per day
£38 per round;
weekends £40.00 per round
on Sunday after 2pm only.

Carnoustie Links
Championship Course £105.00 per round;
Burnside Course £32.00 per round; Buddon Links Course £27.00 per round.
Juvenile rates available.
Try our 3 course combination ticket to be played over a maximum 3 day period.
Play one round on each of our 3 courses for £120 total. Other combination tickets available on request.

Weekdays £60.00 per round
£80.00 per day;
Weekends £70.00 per round
£90.00 per day.

Weekdays £15.00;
Sundays £15.00.
Weekly £50.00.
Family per day £30.00.

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