St Andrews Golf Courses

Home to ten breathtaking courses, St Andrews is truly worthy of the title as the world’s leading golfing destination. Renowned as the birthplace of golf, St Andrews is home to the Old Course, the oldest golf course on the planet. The prestigious St Andrews Links boasts seven outstanding courses, all open to the public with only the Old Course requiring a handicap. In addition, St Andrews features a further three golf courses with each offering their own charm and challenges. There is an unbelievable choice of where to enjoy a round in the motherland of golf and golf enthusiasts will undoubtedly be impressed and charmed by golf in St Andrews.

St Andrews Links

For over 600 years, golf has been played at St Andrews Links. Featuring seven incredible courses, St Andrews Links is home to the oldest golf course in the world and is widely accepted as the birthplace of golf. St Andrews Links offers a golf course for every age and ability with exciting challenges and spectacular scenery.

Old Course
Established C.1400
Par 72
The Old Course at St Andrews is the oldest and most iconic golf course in the world. Known as the ‘home of golf’, the Old Course was the location where the first game was played over 600 years ago. Teeing off at Old Course allows golfers to follow in the footsteps of golfing legends from every generation.

New Course
Established in 1895
Par 71
Established in 1895, the New Course was the second course created in the birthplace of golf. The New Course lives in the shadow of the Old Course and is considered a hidden gem to those that play it. The course is one of the most challenging in St Andrews with undulating fairways and testing greens.

The Castle Course
Established 2008
Par 71
Open in 2008, The Castle Course is the newest addition to the St Andrews Links. Boasting spectacular panoramic coastal views, The Castle Course is the most scenic golfing playground in St Andrews.

Jubilee Course
Established 1897
Par 72
Considered the most challenging course in the St Andrews Links, Jubilee Course is designed to test and excite. Originally created specifically for beginners, the Jubilee Course was converted into a championship course in 1988 that dares even the most experienced golfers to conquer it.

Eden Course
Established 1914
Par 70
A course of charm and character, the Eden Course was designed around natural boundaries with severe bunkers to create an exciting course. The course features many intimidating holes that are certainly a challenge.

Strathtyrum Course
Established 1993
Par 69
The locals’ favourite, Strathtyrum Course is one that requires skill and patience. A great introduction to golf, Strathtyrum Course is perfect for beginners and those in search of a more relaxed game.

Balgove Course
Established 1972
Par 30
Catering to beginners, families and children, Balgove Course is an ideal introductory course. The one 9-hole course in the St Andrews Links, Balgove Course provides a much shorter game and is suitable for all ages and abilities.

Other golf courses in St Andrews

Whilst the St Andrews Links are the most popular and iconic courses to play in the birthplace of golf, the town is also home to another three courses.

The Dukes Course
Established 2000
Par 72
Aside from the seven courses of the St Andrews Links, The Dukes Course is the most prestigious in St Andrews. The course is the only Scottish Heathland course in St Andrews offering a unique golfing experience with views over the town and surrounding bay. The course is one of the finest in the UK and the most sought-after course to play on in St Andrews after the Old Course.

Fairmont St Andrews – Kittocks Course
Established 2002
Par 72
Previously named Devlin Course, Kittocks Course is the flagship course of Fairmont St Andrews. Kittocks Course boasts an American-course design whilst nestled in the heart of Scotland and honouring the authenticity of golf in St Andrews. The natural land has been expertly utilised to create an impressive and challenging course for both novice and experienced golfers to enjoy.

Fairmont St Andrews – Torrance Course
Established 2001
Par 72
Part of Scotland’s top golf resort, the Torrance Course is the second exquisite championship course at Fairmont St Andrews. The course offers a traditional Scottish links design and welcomes players of all abilities.


How many golf courses are there in St Andrews?
St Andrews, the birthplace of golf, is home to a total of ten golf courses. Of the ten courses, seven are part of St Andrews Links including the world’s oldest golf course, the Old Course. All of St Andrews’ golf courses are open to the public and only the Old Course requires a handicap.

What are the 7 golf courses in St Andrews?
There are 7 golf courses in St Andrews Links. The courses are: Old Course, New Course, Jubilee Course, Castle Course, Eden Course, Balgove Course and Strathtyrum Course. Each course is open to the public and has its own charm. There is a course to suit every age, ability and budget. Old Course is the only course in St Andrews Links that requires a handicap.

Which course is best at St Andrews?
With multiple golf courses to choose from, it can be difficult to determine which is the best in St Andrews. As the oldest and most traditional golf course in the world, the Old Course is arguably the best course to play in St Andrews. However, the Old Course is the only course that requires a handicap and securing a tee time can be tricky. Alternatively, The Duke’s Course is one of the finest golf courses in the country.

Do you need a handicap to play St Andrews?
St Andrews is home to ten golf courses including seven St Andrews Links. Only one course requires a handicap, the Old Course, whilst all other courses in St Andrews are open to all ages and abilities. To play the Old Course, a handicap of 24 (men) or 36 (women) is required.

The Home of Golf

You owe it to yourself to experience, at least once in your lifetime, the commonly accepted birthplace of golf – St. Andrews. St Andrews Golf Links has six beautiful courses.

Where To Stay

St Andrews has a range of quality accommodation, from hotels to guest houses. Here we recommend accommodation for you to book in order to fully enjoy your stay in Fife.

What makes St Andrews & Fife great?

About St Andrews has visitor information for accommodation in St Andrews, things to do when visiting and enjoying the spectacular selection of world famous golf courses in Fife, Scotland.


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St Andrews is Scotland’s 1st University and the 3rd oldest in the UK, upholding academic excellence.

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