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St. Andrews, the iconic Scottish town known for its historical sites, stunning landscapes, and golfing heritage, is well-connected by various modes of transport. Whether you’re traveling from within the UK or internationally, getting to St. Andrews is convenient and straightforward. Here’s a detailed look at the transport options available.

By Air

For international visitors, the nearest major airport is Edinburgh Airport, which serves a wide range of destinations across Europe and beyond. Glasgow International Airport is another viable option, offering additional routes and airlines. From either airport, you can reach St. Andrews by road, rail, or bus, with travel times varying depending on your chosen mode of transport.

Edinburgh Airport to St. Andrews: Approximately 50 miles (80 kilometers).

Glasgow International Airport to St. Andrews: Approximately 90 miles (145 kilometers).

By Train

Although St. Andrews does not have its own train station, the nearest major station is in Leuchars, just a short distance away. Leuchars Station serves as a gateway to St. Andrews, with frequent train services from Edinburgh, Glasgow, and London.

From Leuchars to St. Andrews: Onward travel from Leuchars Station to St. Andrews can be easily completed by bus or taxi. The journey takes approximately 10-15 minutes, making it a convenient option for travelers.

By Bus

The bus network offers a cost-effective and efficient way to reach St. Andrews. Direct bus services are available from Edinburgh, including the airport, providing a seamless connection for those arriving by air. Additionally, there are regular bus services from Dundee and other nearby towns, making the bus a viable option for travel within Scotland.

Stagecoach: The main bus operator in the area, Stagecoach, runs regular services to and from St. Andrews, ensuring easy access from various points.

By Car

Driving to St. Andrews offers the flexibility to explore the scenic routes of Scotland at your own pace. The town is well-connected by road, with clear signage and accessible routes from major cities and airports.

From Edinburgh: Take the A90 and M90 towards the Forth Road Bridge, following signs for Dundee and Tay Bridge, then take the A91 directly to St. Andrews.

From Glasgow: Take the M8 towards Edinburgh, then switch to the M90, following the same route as above.
Car rental services are available at all major airports, providing a convenient option for those preferring to drive themselves.

By Taxi or Private Hire

For those looking for a direct and stress-free journey to St. Andrews, private taxis or hire services are available from airports, train stations, and cities. Although this is the most expensive option, it offers the convenience of a door-to-door service, especially beneficial for those with heavy luggage or arriving late at night.


Getting to St. Andrews is straightforward, with multiple transport options catering to different preferences and budgets. Whether you choose the scenic route by train, the convenience of a bus, the flexibility of driving, or the comfort of a private hire, your journey to St. Andrews promises to be the beginning of an unforgettable experience in one of Scotland’s most cherished destinations. Plan ahead to ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip to the heart of Scotland’s history and culture.

The Home of Golf

You owe it to yourself to experience, at least once in your lifetime, the commonly accepted birthplace of golf – St. Andrews. St Andrews Golf Links has six beautiful courses.

Where To Stay

St Andrews has a range of quality accommodation, from hotels to guest houses. Here we recommend accommodation for you to book in order to fully enjoy your stay in Fife.

What makes St Andrews & Fife great?

About St Andrews has visitor information for accommodation in St Andrews, things to do when visiting and enjoying the spectacular selection of world famous golf courses in Fife, Scotland.


Education At St Andrews University

St Andrews is Scotland’s 1st University and the 3rd oldest in the UK, upholding academic excellence.

Mountain Bike

Exciting Outdoor Activities

A wide range of activities in St Andrews keep adults & children occupied and content.


Fantastic Accommodation

St Andrews has a range of quality accommodation, from hotels, guest houses and self catering.

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